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   In the English Premier League standings [11/05/18 04:03AM]   
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In the English Premier League standings, Chelsea scored 2 points behind Spurs and was 3 points behind Liverpool. However, they missed 1 game. If Spurs and Liverpool lose the match, Chelsea will have a chance to reach the top four in the next two games. In this regard, Hazard said, “At present, the initiative to   FIFA 18 Coins compete for the top four is not in our hands. It does not only depend on us, but we will continue to produce wonderful performances. We hope to get it. The victory of the match, then the results of the match between Tottenham and Liverpool, and we will go all out."

Chelsea have only three games left this season. Hazard hinted that he expects to win the FA Cup and enter the top four. The Belgian said, “Defeat Liverpool is a wonderful victory. Our goal now is to continue to win. And try to enter the top four at the end of the season. If we can get this kind of play in the next three games, we can win something special by the end of the season. Let's look forward to the big things happening, we will unite Together, when we kick out this type of game, we will feel good after the game."




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