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   The NHL Stanley Cup playoffs continued [12/05/18 03:53AM]   
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The NHL Stanley Cup playoffs continued. In a thrilling rivalry of  NHL 18 Coins the East Midlands metropolitan area, Washington’s capitalists challenged the Pittsburgh Penguins with a series of 3-2 away games, eventually culminating in three quarters of fierce battles. Make a 1-1 draw. After entering the overtime, the tip of the knife on the capital's front line, Yevgeny Kuznetsov, received the assist of God of War Ovechegin, and went to the meeting with a single knife to face the Penguin goalkeeper Muller calmly into the ball. This winning golden ball sent the Capitalists to the nightmare for a 20-year Eastern Conference finals. At the same time, it also ended the Washington DC team. With 13 wins, only one victory will advance to the regional finals, but they will all be defeated.

Two days ago at the home game 6-3 victory over the enemies penguin, Ovechegin and his teammates know that only needs a game, they will realize their long-cherished wishes, headed into the Eastern Conference finals. For the fans of the Capitalists, the Eastern Conference Finals is already a dream that has been waiting for 20 years. For sports fans throughout Washington, DC, whether they love ice hockey, support the fans of the capital, or the iron powder of the NFL team Redskins, or the MLB Nationals, the NBA’s Wizards, and the capital’s victory tonight. It also represents the end of a nightmare. To know that when all hands hold the match point, only the last one to reach the finals of the regional finals, the 13 impacts of the Washington, DC team's team failed and failed. Among them, as the brightness took home the symbol of the regular season champion of the president of the cup of strong capitalists, a team took this 13 times a bitter drink of hatred in as many as 6 games.




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