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   While Lock is representing Madden pro bono [25/05/18 03:56AM]   
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Lock added that this hearing was closed because “those facts are not facts that the commonwealth is privy to.If the court determines him to be indigent, then the question is: Is he entitled to access of public funds – the state's resources – to support his defense.”While the court didn't make a ruling on the motion, Lock said he feels like the defense has proven Madden is indigent.

While Lock is representing Madden pro bono, they are seeking to Madden 18 Coins use public funds to employ a psychological/psychiatric expert who would assist in preparing the mitigation work for the trial, as well as a mitigation specialist.Clint Willis, commonwealth's attorney for Allen and Simpson counties, told members of the media after Friday's hearing that he is not surprised the court took the motion under consideration, and that this will allow the court to “take their time and make rational decisions.”Willis said in cases that may involve the death penalty, they need to make sure the defendant has had his mental health assessed and evaluated, adding that “it's one of those things you don't want to have” discussed on appeal.




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