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   After two consecutive games without scoring [30/05/18 03:30AM]   
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After two consecutive games without scoring, the Cubs in the second half of the seventh inning made a renewed effort. Harper and Stella were sent for safety. Russell hit the post and made a full base. Zobrist then hit second base. In the hit, Bayez and Harper succeeded in returning two points. Since then, Bryant once again hit a first hit, Stella and Zobrist successfully returned, the Cubs scored 4 points in this game, a total score of 5-1 lead.

In the second half of the eighth game, the Cubs extended their advantage again. After Harper was sent for safety, Russell hit a first base to help Harper score back and scored a total score of  Cheap MLB18 Stubs 6-1. In the final offensive of the Giants in the first half of the ninth game, Langeria hit the first base and Bertel scored back successfully. Since then, the Giants have not been able to score points. In the end, the Chicago Cubs defeated the Giants 6-2 away and ended the two consecutive losing games in recent games to win the first game in the series.




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