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   White Sox first pitcher Carlos Roden scored 2 points in 6 games [09/07/18 03:38AM]   
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White Sox first pitcher Carlos Roden scored 2 points in 6 games and sent 6 strikeouts. Astros first pitcher Justin Wieland lost 2 points in 7 games and sent 10 strikeouts. Winning and losing, Joe Smith got the winning shot. White Sox catcher Omar Navaez and Astros third baseman Yuli Guriel each played two hits + one point.

Joey Gallo made a good start for  MLB The Show 18 Stubs the Ranger's 10 road trip with a 453-foot (138-meter) two-run homer. In the fourth round, Ronald Guzman made another two-run homer and rewrote the score to 7-0. Then the Tigers began to counterattack, the third half of the fourth game scored three points, the sixth game relied on Nico-Goodrum's home run to score another point. The Rangers sent the Terminator Keoni Keira in the second half of the ninth inning with a three-point lead. Victor Reyes scored a first-place hit and sent back a point in the absence of two players. Kayla withstood the pressure and solved the next three tigers who ended the game and won the 21st rescue of the season.




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